Hotel Brimnes offers accommodation in eleven double rooms with bathrooms. You can also choose to stay in Finnish-style bungalows close to the hotel, all with a hot tub on the veranda. 

There are eight bungalows, four of which are "family cabins" for families or groups. These are fully furnished holiday cottages with a lounge, kitchenette, bathroom, a bedroom on the ground floor and a sleeping loft. There are beds for 5 to 6 in each. The price for these cabins includes bed linen and towels but not breakfast.

Delicious seafood dishes are available in the hotel restaurant, meat dishes based on icelandic lamb and beef are also on the menu as well as pizzas and pasta.

  1. Brimnes Hótel ehf.

  2. Bylgjubyggð 2

  3. IS 625 Ólafsfjörður

  4. Iceland

  5. Phone: (+354) 466 2400

  6. Fax: (+354) 466 2660

  7. e-mail:

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